TechCORE MSS applies our business process expertise to help government agencies and companies build new systems in real-time – immediately improving case management, workflow, approvals, and reporting.

How We Help

As an approved Pega Business Partner, TechCORE MSS provides experienced consultants who are also Certified Lead System Architects (CLSAs), Certified Senior System Architects (CSSAs) and Certified Business Architects (CBAs). We work hand-in-hand with client program managers and staff to design and build applications using process-based techniques. We facilitate interviews by asking: What processes are common? What processes are specialized? What are the process flows? What are the required outcomes?


Every organization needs data analysis necessary to make intelligent decisions based on numbers and facts.

Our core strength is that we build data warehouses. Our experience is not theoretical. It is born out of knowledge gained from decades of hands on construction.

You cannot design a data warehouse or detail the complete architecture unless you have built one. You need to understand which:

  • Best practices to adopt
  • Which framework for implementation to select
  • How to model, load and source your data
  • How your business requirements affect your data model
  • Which interface to present and how to implement data security.


TechCORE MSS has been providing Appian services since 2004, spanning a multitude of industries. Whether it’s the modernization of legacy applications, assessment of existing Appian applications, or creating new solutions from the ground up. TechCORE MSS has experience at every aspect of the platform, from on-premise installation, integration, process design, and custom UI development. TechCORE MSS has experience at all levels of the Solution Delivery project lifecycle from “Inception” to “Implementation” through “Adoption”. Our team of experts has been trusted advisors for C-Level management and IT and Business decision-makers in launching business operations improvement initiatives, delivering case management solutions, BPM solution implementations, conducting BPM product assessments and analysis, and developing Center of Excellence for solution delivery.


TechCORE MSS provides end-to-end program management and life cycle support from strategy and program definition through requirements, alternatives, acquisition, implementation and IV&V.

Our project management services cover all aspects of technology, including all aspects of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile Development. Our project managers work with all levels of your organization to walk projects from vision to execution.


TechCORE MSS works with our clients to establish procedures and quality standards. Our QA resources follow through with testing, monitoring and documentation. We record, analyze and distribute reports, acting as a catalyst for improvement in performance and quality until the project is complete.

Independent Verification and Validation

IV&V service validates the quality of your third-party software. We make sure that user requirements are met and that it is doing what your vendor claims it is supposed to do. IV&V involves reviews of the source code and product documentation. Integration testing is performed to ensure that all software units are properly working independently and together.


Advisory, architecture, implementation and customization, optimization, quality assurance, recovery, and training. Everything your business needs to get on the right track with Salesforce.


  • Whether to acquire Salesforce
  • What competitive products to consider and competitive analysis
  • How to buy Salesforce, to optimize the investment
  • How to implement Salesforce, including customization and management
  • How to optimize Salesforce
  • How to recover a troubled Salesforce implementation


  • Gather business requirements
  • Architect Salesforce solution

Implementation, Customization and Optimization

All aspects of an implementation, customization to the client’s specific needs. A methodical, cost-effective program to optimize the client’s investment in Salesforce. This is typically a combination of customization, training, and change management.


Usually a program, not a temporary, ad hoc approach, such that profound adoption and deep learning is achieved. Training includes not only the mechanics of using the Salesforce application but can also address how jobs/roles/processes will change.


TechCORE MSS helps organizations solve unique challenges with custom software and mobile-first application development that fits your needs and specifications.

We help you define and implement tools to overcome hurdles specific to your organization, resulting in a scalable tool.

TechCORE MSS also produces consumer-facing web and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Ready to discuss how our experience can take your company to the next level?

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