To land top talent, you need first access to the best. Let others wonder what they missed. Don’t be snared by recruiting pitfalls. Our prompt specialists help you through the complicated hiring processes to secure top candidates for your opportunity. This means you will meet critical deadlines, Tap unsurpassed connections, Capture exceptional talent, screened to fit Spend less, achieve more

What Makes TechCORE MSS Different


You work with the same single point of contact from start to finish. We listen with 25+ years of experience, answering your questions, learning your business and identifying the skills, values and experience to fit for your operating environment.


Our process enables us to provide specialized qualified personnel with the required competence and technical qualifications, through training and testing which is led by qualified senior staff in the specific discipline..

Data Security

We carefully safeguard clients’ proprietary information, critical to major programs’ sensitive or confidential data requiring management and deployment of teams over wide geographic areas.


OVER 1 MILLION candidates readily available to their partners with a 24-48 hour turnaround of quality candidates.


Each of our staffing placements takes 110% ownership in their output, delivering dedication, interest and fulfillment in their roles, and our clients’ success. As a lifecycle consulting firm, our staffing placements receive full health, dental and vision benefits and career development.


Our surge support staffing solutions deliver the right resource under any contract type for your temporary and permanent staffing needs.


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Temporary / Contract
TechCORE MSS provides temporary/contract staffing personnel who work on an hourly basis to provide responsive professional staffing support.
TechCORE MSS offers flexibility on contracts for personnel who start as temporary staff but who are eventually hired as permanent staff by the client.
Direct Hire
TechCORE MSS partners with firms to deliver professional teams of high-quality personnel and will find the best-qualified managerial/administrative or IT candidates for your contract.
HR Consulting Services
Attracting and retaining the best mix of top talent is vital for challenging times. Adapting to change, being able to pivot responsively, positioning for opportunities all depend on HR strategies that win and keep the best talent, scale to size, and satisfy your demographics.
CP&M Development Training
We specialize in development training that builds capabilities, empowers employees and transforms cultures. Immediate benefits from investing in development training include financial gains from increased efficiencies, improved job satisfaction and morale, and improved risk exposure.
Project Management
Effective program management is critical especially on large, complex programs to ensure quality execution while ensuring each of the triple constraints (schedule, cost and scope) is maintained in balance, and having systems in place to effectively manage changes of scope.

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Hiring Companies

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What TechCORE MSS clients are saying

  • Congratulations to the finest team ever assembled!! I get more and more impressed each time I see the product. Thank you for all your hard work and effort.
    Robert D. | EVP, TMG Health Inc.
  • The TechCORE MSS team formerly know as ArchiTECH Solutions did a great job and we know they are a value to the overall success of the Healthcare Claims Project and Financial Services!
    Michael W. | IT Services Operations , Dept. of Veteran Affairs
  • Working with the TechCORE MSS team formerly known as ArchiTech Solutions has been a wonderful partner. Their project leadership and technical team meshed seamlessly with client project delivery team. Their dedication and commitment is of the highest caliber, and we are confident and trust in their consulting team to deliver BPM solutions to the client.
    Dan S. | Solution Manager, Quest Diagnostics
  • TechCORE MSS formerly known as Architech Solutions has been invaluable in providing on-demand services and issue-resolution to help us launch and deploy our financial contracts management solution. Thank you all for your high caliber expertise, support, and professionalism! I am so glad you are on our team!!
    June B. | Business Process Solutions, Vermont Transportation
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